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Polymer & Petrochemicals Division:

DMT INTERNATIONAL can facilitate the Order Booking of the customers for import of various Petrochemicals / Polymers on Indenting Basis with our known Manufacturers / Suppliers. The Orders & L/Cs from our customers shall be Directly established on Respective Manufacturers / Suppliers and Shipments will be done Directly from respective Manufacturers / Producers.

We are involved into diversified activities including Indenting, high seas sales & trading in Polymer & Petrochemicals. Our company can assist you in Selling of your desired products to the Indian Sub-Continent. We deal in a wide variety of products including Polymers, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Monomers, Refinery Products, Specialty Chemicals, etc. Capitalizing on our strength and experience, we have made our presence felt in both the national and the international market within a short span of time. To be a Global Indenting and Trading company, we diversified into Polymers like PVC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP,  EVA, PET Chips, PS, HIPS, PC, etc., Chemicals (Refinery Products, Petrochemicals, Chemical Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, etc.), Metals, etc and now expanding into Plastics Machinery / Equipment.

DMT INTETERNATIONAL & Group Companies also can offer various different origin materials from various Manufacturers directly or through their channel and the companies are like LG Chem Korea, S.K. Energy, Korea , K.P. Chemicals, Korea, Formosa, Taiwan, C.G. P.C. , Taiwan, Chang Chun Plastics Co.Ltd , Taiwan,  Lee Chang Yung Chemicals Industry Ltd., Taiwan, Advansa Sasa, Turkey, Vance Bio Energy, Malaysia. We also offer currently various Chemicals, Plastics & Plastics Machinery  products as under :

I . Chemical Division :
1)Petrochemicals : Di Methyl Terephthalate (DMT), Pure Terephthlic Acid (PTA), o-Xylene, m-Xylene, p-Xylene, Phenol.
2)Acrylates : Acrylic Acid (AA), Butyl Acrylate (BA), 2Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate (2EHA), Poly Methyl Metha Acryalate (PMMA), Ethyl Acrylate (EA)
3)Chemical Intermediates : Phthalic Ahydride (PA), Maleic Anhydirde(MA), Iso Phthalic Acid(IPA), Epichlorohydrine (ECH), Bis Phenol A, TDI 80/20, PT, OT, PTBP, OTBP.
4)Solvents : Acetone, Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA), Dimethyl Formamide (DMF), Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone(MIBK), Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
5)Oleo Chemicals : Refined Glycerine Min 99.5% USP Grade, Soap Noodles 80/20
6)Inorganic Chemicals: Phosphoric Acid 85% Tech. Grade, Soda Ash Light, Sodium Gluconate (S.G), Sodium Ligno Sulphonate (SLS), SNF.
7)Organics Chemicals & Acids: N Butanol, Iso Butanol, Glacial Acetic Acid.
8)Spot Offers: Propylene Glycol (PG), Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP), Methanol, Toluene.
II. Plastics Division :
1) PVC : Film, Pipe, Fitting
2) LDPE : Film, Injection, Coating
3) LLDPE : Film, Injection, R.M.
4) HDPE : Film, Blow, Injection, Pipe
5) EVA 18%, 28% : Film, Foam, Hotmelt Adhesive
6) ABS, SAN, PS, HIPS : Injection Moulding
7) PET Chips : Preform and Bottle for Mineral Water and Aerated Drinks
8) Polycarbonate : Injection and Blow Moulding.
III. A. Plastics Machinery Division :
1) Injection Moulding :  50 Tons to 4500 Tons
2) Blow Molding :  100 ml to 200 liters
3) Extrusion :  Single Layer & Multi Layer Films
4) Pet Preform & Bottle Manufacturing
5) Thermoforming.
B. Robotics : Pick & Place and Entire Automation.

C. Quick Die Change System: Instant Mold Change

D. E-Geyser System: Quick Heat & Cool Mold Controller

E. Ancillary Equipment: Dryer, De-humidifiers, Mixer, Grinders, Chillers etc.

International Associate Offices

DMT International has associate companies in all of the 5 continents of the world. Apart from India, our main associate offices are in Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and USA.

Company Vision

To become world class Indenting & Trading Company by adding regularly new products , Suppliers, Markets and diversifying into new business avenues. To create professional business environment with Suppliers and Buyers to feel them good to do business again & again. Respect the channel, expand the business into many countries, honour the commitments to become a Well Reputed Multi National Indenting & Trading Company (SOGO - SHOSA).   

Company Mission

To be the best, reliable and dependable Multinational Indenting &Trading Company.

Company Policy

Proactive self growth and diversifications and partners in growth of customers.

Company Theme

Together We Progress

Networking & building fruitful relationship with customer, suppliers and channel partners.

Our Quality

As a quality driven company, we are extremely conscious of maintaining the highest standards of quality in every range of our products. Our supporting Manufacturers / Supplier are equipped with quality test centre, with all the available equipment for conducting a wide range of tests. Right from the procurement of raw material till their final delivery, care is taken to ensure that our products strictly meet all the criteria of international quality standards.


No Company can survive today if it does not have any Vision to Expand and keep some concrete future Plans.

So, DMT INTERNATIONAL & its group companies have also some Dreams Plans.

DMT INTERNATIONAL & its Group Companies Estimated Indenting Turn Over is as under:


Indenting Turn Over

2007 / 08

US$ 5 million

2009 /10

US$ 10 million

2012 / 13

US$ 20 million (forecast)

2016 / 17

US$ 50 million (forecast)

2019 / 20

US$ 100 million (forecast)

In the last three years, company had seen the biggest recession of Century and Crude Oil turbulent prices & mammoth currency fluctuations which made the company base more concrete & strong.

Company is ready for any such eventuality and adjusts itself by constantly staying in touch with Local as well as International Market.

Company started with Indenting of Chemicals, Petrochemicals & then Plastics Raw Materials and now recently diversified in to Plastics Injection Moulding Machinery and in next 5 years (2011 -15) shall have additional Plastics Machinery product lines like Blow Molding, Thermoforming and Robotics, Ancillary Equipments etc.

And then next 5 years (2016- 20) plan to diversify into Solar Power, Electric Motors, VFDS and Servo Motors.

In addition to the above intend to develop in next 5-10 years new products in Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Plastics Raw Materials for Indenting and develop some stock points / hubs in India and Abroad.

Our endeavor is to become a defecto Manufacturers / Suppliers by making all the above products & services available eventually at customers doorstep and offering them in those industries multiproduct like Raw Materials, Processing Equipments and may be even facilitating in Exporting or Liquidating their finished products or at least linking them in some channel.

Of course these are our future plans with current market situation and which may alter / change or new plans, products lines can be added time to time without hampering much of existing line of products.

However, if you also have any innovative ideas, business plan then we are ready to listen to you. As you never know your ideas can give us our more products or product line and help us to achieve our target turnover much before anticipated.

Needless to mention, the above referred future plans can be achieved only with continued support with our suppliers, consistent buying from our customers and with extended support from Trade Channel Partners & many more joining in our company channel in this decade of journey. And hopefully the government policies, banking support will be more business friendly in coming years with less bureaucratic hurdles & simplified duty structures with Libor plus interest rates and basic infrastructure facilities established in due course which will make our business successful into a world sized Indenting & Trading company in real sense to be called as Sogo – Shosa – A Multinational Trading Company.

“Together We Progress”

Disclaimer : The above website & its contents are based on current set of knowledge & experience  when this website is constructed ( 2007 & edited 2011). If any suggestions please feel free contact us on our email & telephone.

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