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Products - Various Verticals:


  • DMT

  • PTA

  • BTX

Anchor 1


  • intermediates

  • organics

  • inorganics

  • solvents

  • acrylates



  • PVC

  • LDPE


  • HDPE

  • EVA

  • engineering plastics

  • pet chips


4)Oleo Chemicals

  • refined glycerin

  • Soaps noodles

  • stearic acid

  • palmitic waxes



  • extrusion machines

  • injection molding 

  • blow molding

  • CNC

  • robotics

  • earth moving

  • concrete mixers

  • cranes



  • FDI/Soft loads

  • Trade finace

  • NFLC(non funded limits)

  • Cash credit

  • Working capital

7)Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive, life, health , critical illness & financial goals cover

  • Cryptocurrency

8)Health Products


  • Kangen water dispensers from Enagic ,japan.

  • Healy, Germany

  • Air sterilizers from no virus,ireland

9)Business coaching and consulting

  • International indenting business course

  • International/MNC marketing & trading and globalization

       10) Expert business consulting (EBC)

would like to offer Advisory Consulting Services in following areas currently: 
1. General Issues / Problems 
2. Selecting New Career or Business on Your Targeted Products / Areas 
3. Starting Indenting or Imports  & Exports Business 
4. Sales & Marketing 
5 Business Development 
6. Launching of New Products & Services 
7. Banking : Setting up Bank Limits, Restructuring, Handling NPA situation and making OTS
8. Financing / Funding : Against Regular (Selling) Orders or (Buying) Requirements Locally & for Trade  Finance (Imports / Exports) or S B LCs or V C or Start Ups Funding, etc  
9. Any Other Career or Business or Even in Your Personal Areas Nagging You
10. Any Areas Legal Advisory / Services Offered - Personal Or Professional Or Business. 
Note : Free Consultation for 15 Minutes Session and their afterwards will be Paid Sessions Decided Mutually.
Contact for 15 Minutes Free Session Appointment with your details like name, location, mob, profession (Business or Job), Problem or Issue, etc. On W A / Mobile No. +91 9769582375 or +91 9167177294.

EBC Deepak V Shidaye
00:00 / 02:25

       11) Crypto Currency Business -ZENIQ :


After the recent launch of Zeniq  based out of DIFC in the UAE whose aim is to provide solutions for the transfer of digital assets, Emarat Al Youm interviewed Suleiman Al Rifai, Founder and Board Member of Zeniq who confirmed that the UAE can benefit from great annual savings exceeding 11 billion AED by adopting digtial transactions using Blockchain. He added, ” This would also reduce 398 million printed papers and save 77 million work hours annually.” 

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