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How to start International Indenting Business

How to Start International Indenting Business - Benefits #Dr.Deepak_Shidhaye
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  • No Investment & No Risk

  • Huge Business Potential beyond geographical boundaries.

  • Consistent revenue by introducing new products of your liking.

  • Never Before on OPM ( Other People's Money) Principal.

  • Great Opportunity to start business.

  • Work from SOHO: Small Office, Home Office.

  • And Subsequently, after Few Transactions can Do Trading also in Your Own Products of Indenting

  • After 30+ Successful Batches in last 9 months & Coached 200+ Paid Participants and 500+ given exposure in Webinar.

  • Now, First Time This Course will be Available in 4 (Four) Different Formats to Suit Every Ones Time & Budget

Overview Course Webinar (Zoom)
Cost Rs 2000/- if join today Rs 500/- only (per participant)

Automated Recorded Webinar
Acess to course for one month
Starting from next day of
payment. Cost: Rs 8000/- if
you join with payment &
enroll today then Rs 2000/-
only (per participant)

3 Day, Personal Zoom Sessions
Cost Rs 20,000/- if you join with payment & enroll today then
Rs 5000/- only (per participant)

Exclusive Classroom Sessions (Personal Attention)
Cost Rs 40,000 /- if you join with payment & enroll today then Rs 10,000/- only (per participant)

Deepak V.Shidhaye 
WhatsApp: +91 9769582375
Mob: +91 9769582343

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